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Faik Okan ATAKCANFerahoglu Family[Ответить
[0] 2012-01-29 16:17I send this message from Istanbul, Turkey. Perhaps you can help me about an issue.
I make a family research and I found some informations about Kiev. According to this until the first World War, Ferahoglu family had a bakery shop at Dumskaya Square (Ploshad). A petition at me (belong to the year of 1915) the owner of this bakery shop has signified it (at his petititon) as "Dumskaya Ploshad Street 7 and 8". Now I try to learn the exact place of this bakery shop but there are two different Dumskaya Square in Kiev. For this reason I can not locate the exact place what it is ?

Dumskaya 1

http://io.ua/11902706: I think it is not intersted with Kreshatnik Road. Because I have a such record (from 1911 Kiev address book page 497 / 808):


I can not locate this record is about Dumskaya Street. It can be belong the street of Kreshatnik not intersted with Dumskaya (as there is no Dumskaya name on this record). I can not know.

The other Dumskaya (Dumskaya 2)

http://io.ua/12973798p: İt is interested with Kreshatnik Road that why it is more probable I think.

Finally these are different places. Do you have any idea about these shops's place Dumskaya 1 or Dumskaya 2.

I have lots of documents and I would like to share with them. Not this bakery shops but other informations that I would like to share with you in the future time your old relatives can remember somethings. Thanks
TarasevichRe: Ferahoglu Family[Ответить
[1] 2012-01-29 21:11Интересно! что и вправду две Думские площади было или у Faik с документами не лады.
И вообще надо это сообщение куда то историкам перенаправить, пусть пошукают.
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